Las Chácaras Restaurant

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 Las Chácaras Restaurant is today  one of the essential gastronomic references in La Gomera . The evolution of its cuisine by Eva Curbelo has been spectacular and if we add the kindness and experience of Cesar Gorrín  at the controls of the room, we have a perfect cocktail to enjoy the traditional cuisine of La Gomera and The Canarian cuisine seeking new and innovative in our culinary roots.

4 For more than 20 years Chácaras has gained local and foreign public and meeting point being to meet the rubber cuisine. The winery careful not detract at all the dishes coming out of the kitchen of Eva with special prominence for meat and fish in the traditional way but with a very special dish , roast with palm honey and gofio cheese , simple but extremely innovative and not unfazed diners . Average price per person 20 € . For bookings 922881039. Closed Sundays in low season


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