Caprichos Restaurant


La Gomera (40)

 Lunch or dinner under the historic Cerro la Hila, the capital of La Gomera , San Sebastian , scene of a thousand battles and pirate invasions is a luxury and if at your feet is one of the last harbour before facing the Atlantic Ocean for better, more evocative yet. The Caprichos Restaurant is the latest culinary bet of one of the most recognized and respected laureates young gomeras chef , Fabian Mora

descarga descarga (2) This young man is able to innovate with the most traditional cuisine , maintaining the flavors of our grandparents and still surprise us with the latest techniques . His dishes are authentic tribute to our ancestors and their ancient kitchen chíniques , a kitchen born humble but Fabian Mora today is more sophisticated and contemporary without losing the essence , all in a setting in which it is really difficult to feel uncomfortable. Average price € 25.

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