Roque Blanco Restaurant

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If you like meat in a traditional style , that is, roasted with heat from the “brezo”, with its unique aroma, can not let pass by the Restaurant Roque Blanco. Located in the municipal boundary between Agulo and Vallehermoso, in the Cross of Tender, Carmen, Gil and his sons will make us enjoy one of the best grilled meats de la Gomera far. The expertise of both in the hearth is also transmitted to the incoming and stews ( watercress soup to be inevitable) with special role of the “chicharrones” gomera style ( with gofio and sugar) , a surprising delicacy served hot leaves no one indifferent.

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Thus, what began as just a “guachinche” (little food house) lost amid Sobreagulo , is today one of the restaurants that best conveys its guests the very essence of the gomera cuisine. Unpretentious but extremely tasty and well executed. Another incentive , the precious path between El Tion with Vallehermoso and passing through the door of the restaurant. Average price € 20.