The handicraft of La Gomera is diverse and functional. Among the most noteworthy is the pottery craften in the traditional manner, without usin a potter´s wheel, an art handed down from times of the aboriginal people. The pottery is made with clay, sand and red ochre, materiales all found in the areas of medium altitude on the island.


The result is a notable variety of bowls and containers used for domestic needs (plates, water jugs, milking “pail”, grills) The pottery elaborated in Chipude and El Cercado are particulary interesting because of their rustic, traditional finish. Wood is also use for the crafting on the well-known chácaras (large castanets) and morteras (wooden bowls used for native vegetable soups) made frome the indigeous species of laurel forest (viñatigo, heather) as well as from imported species (mulberry, nougat, chesnut).

FormatFactoryArtesano trabajando el mimbre

FormatFactoryartesanía gomera

Chácaras and gomeran drums


Artesana con Telar


The vegetation is used mainly to make useful objects, such as baskets, handbags, hats, fans, etc…wich are carefully elaborated with pirguan (leaves from palm trees) plam brush, reeds, wicker , cane, banana leaves…

Lastly, the use of the traditional loom mus be mentioned, on which beautiful rag rugs, bespreads, blankets, carpets and saddlebags are woven from strips of old cloths and cotton threads